We have heard about these underwater sculptures in Nusa Dua that you can see while scuba diving, do you dive here?

Yes, we can.  This needs to be requested, so please let us know ahead of time if this is something of interest.

Can we book last minute or on the day of?

Yes, you can but we cannot guarantee assistance with transportation. We will try our best but if not, our location is easy to find and we will be right there waiting for you.

What if we arrive and we don’t want to play due to non-ideal conditions?

If you arrive and we are still able to offer you the activities to take part in and you choose not to, you will need to cover the cost of the driver we provided which can range between $8 USD-$25 USD.

We still haven’t decided all of our activities. Can we book some online and add some the day of?

No problem. You can move forward in booking the activities you are sure about and we can add on as we go on the day of your booking. Please keep in mind, all additional activities added on must be paid with cash UNLESS you reach out a few days before your booking.

My card is not working.

Unfortunately, this is not always something we can assist with. Check that all card details are correct, including expiration/name/CV on the back. If this continues to happen, we do have other payment options to assist you.

My order was cancelled, can you tell me why?

There are 2 reasons that your order may come back as cancelled. Either you have accidentally chosen this option OR your login session for booking has timed out. If this does happen, you have NOT been charged and need to re-book your order.

Is there a local discount for residents?

Please email us directly at booking@watersports-bali.com

Are your online prices offered offline as well?

Prices online are not guaranteed offline – so please email us directly for any questions: booking@watersports-bali.com

Can you parasail with more than one person?

Yes. We do have a location that can do up 5 people depending on the conditions on the day of your booking.

Do you provide group discounts?

Yes. Please email us directly at booking@watersports-bali.com

Can we pay cash on the day of?

Yes, absolutely.  There is a CASH ON DELIVERY option during the booking process.

What if it is raining on the day of our booking?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather so we do invite you to participate still. Weather is always changing on an hourly basis here in Bali, so sometimes it can a waiting game but our facilities are fully stocked with things to keep you occupied.  We can also arrange to reschedule for no additional fee! Our manager is always available up until the day of your booking as well.

What is the minimum age for underwater activities?

We ask that the child be at least 12 years of age.

I want to combine a few activities that I don’t see a package for?

No worries. Just email us directly at booking@watersports-bali.com and we will be happy to assist you in creating the exact package you are looking for.

I can’t swim.

No worries.  All of activities are monitored closely by safety operators that are by your side at all times.  For most underwater activities, it is not necessary to know how to swim as there is an operator there to guide you the entire time.

Do we have to ride with an instructor on the jet skis?

Most of our locations provide options with or without an instructor. Just let us know!

Am I covered by insurance during the activities?

Yes, you are insured through our operators within all of our locations.

Can I also get transportation service outside of your free transport zone?

Yes, if you send the address to booking@watersports-bali.com , we can do our best to assist in accomodating your transportation needs and will communicate a proposal of the extra costs before making any commitments.

Will I also be brought back to the hotel if I use your transportation service?

Yes, we will do everything from start to finish.

How can you be so inexpensive?

We have great agreements with the operators that allow us to keep our costs low, in return allowing us to offer you these prices.

How do you select the operators you work with?

Quality, safety and fun are our main priorities. We only work with operators which satisfy in these categories. In addition, we have our very own manager who takes care of the promised expectations for our guests.

At what locations are you active?

Our main location is in Nusa Dua, the mecca of all things water sport related in Bali. We also offer activities in Lovina, which is located in Northern Bali and also at our neighbouring island of Nusa Penida.

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