Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

For a luxury holiday in Bali you have to go to Nusa Dua, in the south of Bali. This modern resort, in the east of the Bukit Badung peninsula, is known as one of the most expensive tourist areas of Indonesia. Nusa Dua, which means 'two islands', is actually synonymous with the entire east coast of the peninsula. The quiet seaside resort is dotted with exclusive resorts, hotel parks and luxurious villa stays on the white beach. Obviously, you will find the most popular golf courses in the world and a wide range of modern entertainment. This makes Nusa Dua a top destination for those who want to stay in full luxury during a trip to Bali.

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Indonesian government developed a plan to create a luxury resort, where mainly richer foreign tourists would travel, without the famous attractions such as Denpasar and Kuta becoming even busier. At the start of the construction of Nusa Dua in 1973, care was taken to ensure that the buildings were manufactured according to traditional Balinese architectural styles. But with the high standard of the wealthy Western tourist; top class accommodations and well-developed facilities.
New hotels are still being added or the older ones are being refurbished or demolished in order to ensure that the appearance, quality and service of Nusa Dua can continue to meet the demands of today's tourist.

The beaches along the coast of Nusa Dua are beautiful, fine beach chairs are perfectly set up on the white sand with a view of the turquoise water. The wind gently blows through the leaves of the tall palm trees on the beach, while you order another tropical cocktail or massage. This is what is called a paradise! Especially the beach at Pantai Geger is famous. Because of the large coral reef off the coast, the seawater temperature is highest here. If you stay in one of the fantastic five-star resorts, you will benefit from all the luxury that Nusa Dua beach has to offer. Pools, spas, delicious food and friendly service, all within a coconut's throw of the beach in Nusa Dua. At the beach of Nusa Dua, north of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, you will find the Water Blow: a rock formation where the waves crash wildly on the stones. As a result, huge splashes of water are 'blown up'. The dangerous cliffs along this coast are a very photogenic place and a great place for a nice walk.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa, which is located in the area of Nusa Dua, is a narrow headland with a small fishing village. Long ago this was a trading post for Chinese and Bosnian merchants and these populations are still represented. But most tourists know Tanjung Benoa by its very popular motorized water sports, unlike almost every other destination in Bali. It is located at the northeastern coast, which is the end of the promontory. Along Jalan Pratama you’ll find various marine recreational activities, that you can all find here at On Tanjung Benoa are often offered trips to Turtle Island. Do not go there if you like animals. These turtles are caught and held in bad conditions. This also applies to other animals that are kept there, such as bats and snakes. By visiting this place, you support these animal unfriendly attractions.

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