Bali "The Best Culinary in Bali – Top 5"

Even the island of Bali is very famous for its exotic temples and palaces along with its highly preserved natural beauty. Besides Bali is also famous for its culinary tour.

1. Duck Betutu 

bebek betutu

Culinary Bali has its own charm for the foodies because it is always with a spice herb that is strong and spicy.

2. Mix Rice

Mix Rice or nasi campur is a very popular Balinese food. With a typical menu like satay lilit, chicken pieces Basa Genep Bali seasoning, vegetable urap, and chicken lawar ready to eat accompanying warm white rice. Eating Nasi Campur will be more delicious, when you mix it with sambel matah or sambel embe typical Balinese.

3. Satay Lilit

Then, in wrap on the leaves of lemon grass or bamboo stalk. It feels soft and savory! Especially on the sate wrap that uses lemongrass leaves, you will smell the delicious fragrance.

In general, meat used, among others, chicken meat, pork, or fish mackerel. However, sate wrapped with mackerel fish meat is the primadonna in Bali.

4. Lawar Kuwir

Lawar is a mixture of vegetables and minced meat in special mixed using Balinese spices. It is will be more delicious if eaten with warm white rice with satay lilit, peanut, suwiran Ayam Betutu, and a bowl of jukut ares (vegetable banana stalk).

5. Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Pulung

Have you ever tasted rujak with tuna sauce ingredients?

Feel the sensation of spicy as well as fresh on the tongue, when you eat a slice of mango with a mixture of Pindang Sauce and super spicy chilli. Not only mango, you can also replace the stuffing with a mixture of various types of fruit or even seaweed.

So what are you waiting for ? Let’s culinary in Bali Island, and happy trip and holiday is always in Bali.

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