Jet Ski is a water sport that resembles a water vehicle and can carry 1 to 2 people sitting in a configuration like a motorcycle. If you travel in Bali, Jet Ski is one of the most exciting water sports. However, driving a Jet Ski with great power if in the water may not guarantee your safety.

Like other adrenaline racers, jet skis also have risks and that’s why you should follow these safe tips so you can feel the thrill of jet ski safely and comfortably.

  1. If you are still a beginner and still in the adaptation stage of using Jet Ski, always keep in mind is to keep distance with other boats or jet skis that are around you. And do not ever assume that the other Jet Ski driver should be vigilant because the one who must be vigilant is yourself.

  2. Wear complete security equipment one of which is a life jacket. If you fall into the ocean we can still float without draining the swim, and this life jacket is very obligatory once used for you who can not swim.

  3. Make sure you are not using drugs, whether drugs or prescription drugs. Because it is not recommended to ride a Jet Ski, it can be dangerous and risky.

  4. If you are still in the healing period of a disease, make sure the condition is healthy and no need to consume drugs prescribed by a new doctor is allowed to ride a Jet Ski.

  5. Make sure you are accompanied by an experienced instructor when first playing Jet Ski. And keep in mind for beginners sebaikanya first accompanied by an experienced instructor to be able to control the Jet Ski well and correctly.

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