The Beauty of Tourism in Bali You Need to Explore

If you want to talk about travel, then your mind’s mind is a natural beauty of God’s creation that we should capture with pictures or videos. However, if you hear the natural attractions in Bali, surely we have a lot to capture. It can be said that every natural tourism spot in Bali needs to be enshrined and shared on our social media.

Next, the most sought after a holiday in Bali is the beauty of the natural scenery. You can play on the clean sandy beach with gently sloping water while eating fresh seafood, or playing in a tourist village that is also beautiful with very fresh air because it is still beautiful. Some of the natural attractions in Bali are highly recommended for you to visit during your vacation.

Telaga Waja Karangasem

If you like activities that stimulate adrenaline, rafting in the Waja Karangasem lake is a perfect choice. The rafting route that you will take is the longest route in Bali. To explore the entire river area along the 16 km then the time you need is about 2 hours to 2.5 hours depending on whether the river is heavy or not. Interested?


If you like the view of the mountains with fresh air and green views that lay before your eyes. The green mountain scenery combined with the beautiful view of Lake Batur is a complete blend for you who are looking to release fatigue. The air is very cool and fresh feels right from the first time you set foot in this place. Almost all tour packages in Bali offer a visit to Kintamani. Besides that, in Kintamani there is also a very famous hot spring bath, are you interested?

Jatiwulih Tabanan

For those of you who miss the beautiful and green rural atmosphere with a wide view of the terraces that lay before your eyes, you must enter Jatiwulih Tabanan Village into your tourism destination. This village has the best terraces in Bali and has frequently entered into various magazines, tabloids or other media. Guaranteed all the fatigue, stress and fatigue that you feel so far will disappear instantly.

Tanjung Benoa

Come to Tanjung Benoa so you can try Parasailing where you will fly using a parachute. The parachute will later be pulled by using a speed boat and you can choose to parasailing tandem or just playing singles alone.


Who likes other natural attractions you can also visit Bedugul. There is a magnificent lake. The lake named Beratan Lake is often used as a photo location for those who will have a pre-wedding session. The atmosphere and scenery are very beautiful and beautiful.

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