Bye Bye Plastic Bags

What is water pollution?

If you check Wikipedia it says: ” Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. this form of enviromental degradatio occurs when polltants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies wihtout adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.”


Especially in Indonesia you can see the huge impact water pollution has on its sea life and we notice it using the water daily as our playground. Modernisation happened to fast and education couldn’t keep up. What used to be all natural… for example Balinese offerings, Tipat (traditional rice dish) contains now plastic bonbons, and brackets or is made in plastic bags instead of banana leafs. If you go shopping, the person at the cashiers is quite generous giving you 2-3 or more plastic bags. Little plastic cups of water and straws are just thrown away ruthlessly.


Within the last couple of years more and more communities start educating kids and adults. Island wide beach clean ups are organized; more rubbish bins are placed especially in crowded places. But there is a long way to go… The idea of throwing something in the water, digging it into the sand or burning makes it miraculously disappear, is so deep in everyone’s head that we have to proceed in baby steps.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Bye Bye plastic bags is the so far biggest movement to fight the pollution and educate. it is a social initiative driven by children, driven by the youth to get the people of Bali to say no to plastic bags. Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags 3 years ago when they were inspired by a lesson in class about significant people like Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana, Mahatma Ghandi. They went home that day and thought “What can we do as children living in Bali, what can we do NOW.” Bye Bye Plastic Bags was born in 2013 and now has a volunteer team of 25-30 students from all schools around Bali, local and international. And has become a well known international movement of inspiration, youth empowerment, and of course, saying no to plastic bags.

New companies focusing on sustainable material

Companies like established to create a full range of sustainable alternatives to plastic which are made 100% from renewable resources. Avani is a one-stop-shop solution for all eco-friendly needs ranging from shopping bags, F&B packaging, up until hotel amenities.


Slowly but surely Bali / Indonesia will get there. They need your help and support. Be aware of the impact your life and life choices have on the environment. Because everyone wants to swim in crystal clear water and drive and look around to see the beautiful nature without rubbish along the way.


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