Can’t Swim? It Is Okay, You Can Go Scuba Diving

Is scuba diving safe for beginners?

For many who wonders, is it safe to go scuba diving without swimming skills? The answer is yes.

Before deciding to choose this activity, you should give attention to you physical condition. Make sure you don’t have sinus infection or cold when you go scuba diving. No need to much worry, we just don’t want it to get worse.

You need several gears for this activity, such as masks, fins, snorkels, regulators, buoyancy compensators (BCs). These gears will be provided by our team on the site. The instructor will explain each of the gear and show how to use it. Please listen carefully and ask if there is something you do not understand because it is crucial for safety.

After this, the instructor will explain how to scuba diving. Here you can learn how the diving will affect you body and your gear. You will learn how to breath while diving. For beginners, you need to remember to keep breathing. The instructor also explain several diving techniques and hand signs to communicate underwater.

Before diving, you need to check safety equipment and safety instructions from the instructor. Make sure everything checked thoroughly. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before diving. Water pressure make you feel constant urge to pee. Don’t worry, make sure you drink a lot before diving to avoid dehydration.

Remember to stay close to the instructor and follow him/her during diving and keep comunicating. If you bring your friend, constantly ask them if they are find, and show any beautiful discoveries you find. You can look up to the sky to see difference beauty from underwater too. If you need to catch other divers attention immediately, make some sound by lightly banging your tank, especially if you need some help.

Keep practicing! Go diving every few months. This will help you dive better and enjoy the experience to the fullest. There is so many to see underwater. Go to our scuba diving activitiy There are many scuba diving sites you would want to try. Go to our scuba diving activity for booking scuba diving session with us!

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