How to Schedule Your Water Sport Activities In Bali

Water Sport Scheduling

Water sport need a good planning. No one wants their day to be ruined because of mother nature decided that on your selected schedule, it is not possible to do the activity. So annoying! You come far away to Bali only to find that you can’t go on with the schedule and just sitting inside the hotel.

Here is some guide for you to choose the best time to go to the beach and do your activity without fuss and irritating weather problem.


In Bali, there are two seasons, summer and rainy season. Summer should start on May to October, and rainy season is on November to March. But, there is climate change that might cause sudden rain in the middle of summer, and no rain at all on January.

The best thing you can do is check the weather report. Thanks to science, it is easier now to predict when the rain will fall.

But, no worries, even in the middle of the rain, you can do several activities. These are flyboard and underwater activities like snorkeling, scubadiving, and sea walker. Really? Yes. But only in light rain. If it is too windy or even stormy, don’t ever challenge the nature. Follow this link to book underwater activities.

Daily Schedule

Even if it is summer, there is some prohibitions when comes to water sport. The best time to do water sport is on high tide, in a calm wave (except for surfing, it needs to be done in big wave).

High tide start from the morning into around 02:00 PM. So, you better go before lunch. We open at 09:00 AM, but we can pick you up before that time to make sure you get the time slots you need to do all your desired activities.

But, after 02:00 PM there are still some activities available to do, like flyboard and jetski. Again, it is depends on the tide. We will look for the most suitable point to do the activity for you. You can check the tide schedule here.

Listen to The Guides

We are trying our best to keep your safety along with your satisfaction. Feel free to ask our guides to determine which activities to do. Beside the weather, pay attention on the age and weight restriction. Have fun and stay safe!

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