Experience Challenging Our Jetpack

If you go to Bali, what is in your mind besides “Holiday Paradise”. Of course there is a very challenging and very exciting adrenaline namely playing Water Sports on the beach of Nusa Dua.

One of them is the Jet Pack, which can be said to be very challenging and refers to your adrenaline. Now for those of you who are very curious about this water sport, you can try it with us.

Guaranteed to be very safe and very challenging for those of you who want to try to feel the sensation of flying using a Jet Pack. Give your best experience flying using our Jet pack and make your experience very impressive.

Enjoy private flights on the water, 5 meters high, all while sitting! You will remain seated, with the jet stream positioned on your back. Unlike the Flyboard, your feet hang freely in the air. This is one of the newest water sports activities that everyone can enjoy!

Our instructor will start by giving instructions and will guide you throughout the trip. Please note that this activity requires upper body strength.

Let’s try it now and feel the sensation with us.

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