Come on rafting in Ubud with us

Rafting activities in Bali are one of the most popular water sports or the favorite tourist game of Bali water sport. Both Indonesian tourists and foreign tourists.

On the island of Bali there are many rivers. However, not all river locations can be used for recreational rafting activities. There are several criteria that must be owned by the river so that it is suitable for recreational rafting tours. The river must be safe for novice participants, has a natural landscape, and is located not far from the tourist area of ​​southern Bali. One of them is Ayung River, located in Payangan village, Ubud, Bali.

After you arrive at the starting point location, rafting activities on the Ayung River Ubud will begin soon. Rafting participants will be briefed by trained and experienced Ayung river rafting instructors. Ayung instructors rafting will introduce the rafting equipment used. Like, life jackets, paddles, inflatable boats, sitting position on a boat, how to save yourself if the boat is upside down. In addition, the guide will also explain other matters relating to the comfort and safety of rafting participants.

Especially for the Ayung river rafting in Ubud there is a rubber boat capacity of 4 participants and 6 participants. Each boat will have 1 rafting instructor. For approximately 2 hours you will navigate the swift river of Ayung Ubud. The mileage that will exist is approximately 12 km.

In the Ayung river rafting trip of Ubud, participants can enjoy the Ayung river rapids and take pictures with a background of carvings on the river wall stones. Balinese carving art carved into the walls of the Ayung river is the main characteristic of rafting tourism activities in Ubud Bali.

After navigating the 12 km Ayung Ubud river, rafting participants will arrive at the finish point. At the finish point a rest area, a dressing room, a bathroom, and towels are provided. Then proceed with enjoying the buffet lunch that has been provided. Sightseeing Ayung Rafting Ubud is crowded with tourists from domestic and foreign countries. Especially before Christmas, New Year, school holidays and other national holidays.

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