Flyride in Bali The One And Only in Indonesia

As the first only one in Indonesia, we present the Zapata Flyride. A new exciting water sport in Indonesia. We present The Zapata Flyride for all water sports enthusiasts in Bali.

Flyride is a flying watercraft with the all-new EZ-Flight Control System. It represents a unique combination of recreation, extreme water sports and the exclusive hydroflight control technology from Zapata.

If you have no fear of water, you can make abundant choices for the real adventure and the excitement in the latest water sports. And if you are looking for something new, we can proudly tell you that the Flyride is now on your way to the island of Bali from the Netherlands. Flyride is launched in September 2018 and is expected to be just as popular as Flyboard.

The experience you get here will forever be remembered. The Zapata Flyride provides the first Hydroflight experience that combines self-balancing technology with flying experience such as Jetovator. Flyride is designed to make Hydroflight accessible to beginners, because you do not have to keep a balance. This makes it suitable for younger drivers.

On the other hand, advanced or adventurous drivers can try out a lot of new stunt. The flyride uses a set of computer and sensors to make the necessary adjustments to keep the bike upright and stable regardless of what the rider does. Also for those who want to drive more than fly.

Do you want to drive with your partner? No worries Flyride has two drivers at the same time. According to the Zapata safety regulations, Flyride’s capside meets loads of 200 kg or 440 lbs. Stay up to date with us and win free tickets for Flyride! 😀

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