The Beauty of Tourism in Bali You Need to Explore

7 September 2019 |
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If you want to talk about travel, then your mind’s mind is a natural beauty of God’s creation that we should capture with pictures or videos. However, if you hear the natural attractions in Bali, surely we have a lot to capture. It can be said that every natural tourism spot in Bali needs to…

Kuta Beach Is an Icon in Bali

30 August 2019 |
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If we hear the word Bali, what is on our minds is a beautiful beach. Bali is one of the names of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world spend their holidays on this island…

Exciting holidays in Nusa Dua Bali that you must visit.

14 June 2019 |
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In Nusa Dua, there are 4 white sand beaches, very suitable for family and children vacation spots. In addition, there is information on the best way to travel, the type of activities and attractions that are in the same direction and proximity. Then if you want a vacation to the Nusa Dua area of ​​Bali’s…

Come on rafting in Ubud with us

2 May 2019 |
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Rafting activities in Bali are one of the most popular water sports or the favorite tourist game of Bali water sport. Both Indonesian tourists and foreign tourists. On the island of Bali there are many rivers. However, not all river locations can be used for recreational rafting activities. There are several criteria that must be…

Coolest Flyboard Trick

30 March 2019 |
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Now days, extreme water sports flyboard is a trend and is popular. why not, by playing flyboarding, you can float up to 4 meters above the surface of the water. A sport that is very exciting for those who love adrenaline. This extreme sport utilizes hydropower to push the flyboarding players into the air and…

These 3 Facts About Bali Are Really Awesome

21 February 2019 |
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Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia whose names are well known to foreign countries. The island of Bali is also known as the island of the Gods because of its beauty and rich culture. There is always a reason to return to Bali, maybe because of that, every day many foreign and domestic…

6 Mandatory Tips You Need to Know Before Going to Nusa Penida.

30 January 2019 |
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Nusa Penida has become one of the most targeted tourist spots lately. His famous among domestic tourists is not only but also foreign tourists. There are many reasons to love your own country and every day there is a beautiful spot or location waiting to be visited. Nusa Penida the part from 3 Nusa Tenggara…

Banana Boat Will Be More Fun With Your Group

24 January 2019 |
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Banana boat was a term, a descriptive nickname, given to fast ships also called banana carriers engaged in the banana trade designed to transport easily spoiled bananas rapidly from tropical growing areas to northern markets that often carried passengers as well as fruit. (source: wikipedia) A banana boat (or water sled), is an un-powered, inflatable…

The best water sports in Nusa Dua

1 October 2018 |
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For those of you who like water sports, the Tanjung Benoa beach which is one of the most complete and exciting tourist attractions in Bali that provides fun. The games provided are very varied and guaranteed you are satisfied with your family and friends if you visit the object of this holiday. The local government seems…

Flyride in Bali The One And Only in Indonesia

31 July 2018 |
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As the first only one in Indonesia, we present the Zapata Flyride. A new exciting water sport in Indonesia. We present The Zapata Flyride for all water sports enthusiasts in Bali. Flyride is a flying watercraft with the all-new EZ-Flight Control System. It represents a unique combination of recreation, extreme water sports and the exclusive…

The Beautiful Dive site in Nusa Penida Island

28 June 2018 |
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Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Indonesia’s island Bali and a district of Klungkung Regency that includes the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three Nusa Islands just off from mainland Bali. You better not to skip Nusa Penida from your bucket list while you visit Bali…

5 Tips for beginners on the jet ski

22 May 2018 |
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Jet Ski is a water sport that resembles a water vehicle and can carry 1 to 2 people sitting in a configuration like a motorcycle. If you travel in Bali, Jet Ski is one of the most exciting water sports. However, driving a Jet Ski with great power if in the water may not guarantee…

What are the differences between single parasailing and parasailing adventure

28 April 2018 |
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Parasailing is an activity that combines parachuting with the help of a parachute and speedboat, we can hover over the sea off to see the beautiful scenery. Then what is the difference from single parasailing with parasailing adventure in Tanjung Benoa Bali? There are many differences between single parasailing and parasailing adventure: Parasailing / Single Parasailing…

Understand These 5 Languages When Diving

29 March 2018 |
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Some rules will be submitted guides before diving. One of them is sign language while in the water. Thumbs up, thumbs down, palms rocking. It’s not a guessing style game. In the water, that’s the best way to communicate with divers. Let’s learn the meaning! 1. Thumbs face up In the water, a sign like this…

Bali Diving – Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Sea Walker

27 March 2018 |
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The island of Bali is famous for its arts and culture, it also has a stunning underwater beauty and is suitable for diving spots. Of course the first time you seek a diving place in Bali that is suitable for beginners or who first dive. Diving is an activity to explore the underwater natural life…

Yes, Bali is Safe

24 December 2017 |
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Mount Agung Mount Agung, Bali’s highest point is a part of the nature beauty. We can possibly see the peak of Mt. Rinjani of Lombok island from Mt. Agung.  But, we all heard, this volcano had erupted last month. Airport was closed down and there are thousands of refugees. Many tourists cancelling their plan to…

Animal cruelty on Turtle Island

13 January 2016 |
Posted in , doesn’t offer any trips to Turtle Island as this attraction benefits at the expense of animals. Turtle Island is a small island which is considered as turtle reserve. You expect seeing turtles in a protected area, which is definitely not the case. Turtles live in dilapidated tanks on a private, dirty, muddy beach. The…