Nusa Penida Island Tour and Water Adventure

Bali.  It’s easy to forget that this gorgeous island is not just a country on its own.  It lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean surrounded by even more glorious pieces of land that deem exploration. Join us on our mini adventure as we island hop over to Bali’s alter ego – Nusa Penida.

It’s crazy to think that Nusa Penida is actually larger than its neighbour, Nusa Lembongan – whose tourist infrastructure has grown drastically in the last couple of years through its discovery.  Luckily, or at least in my opinion…Nusa Penida’s infrastructure is very limited, therefore the beautiful culture and the rawness of its land remains untouched – leaving its natural magic to exude for all those that seek her out.

We here at Watersports Bali, want to take you along for our weekend of fun on this gorgeous island.  We wanted to test out our new partnership and be sure that it was jam-packed with all the fun that you deserve! Join us and our partners for an island hop you are bound not to forget!! Step by step, you will follow us along as we participate in our top selling package “Nusa Penida Island Tour and Water Adventure”, which includes your transport to and from the island, an island tour of its neighbours, a scrumptious Indonesian lunch and heaps of water activities that will make your face hurt from laughing so much!!

We offer a few modes of transportation, but with this package we got on the Fast Boat! True to its name, this is an experience every person should have when island hopping in Bali.  We left the shores of Sanur by 9am and were putting on sun block by 945am.  Our partners only operate on the most up to date boats with the most experienced captains, so we certainly felt safe as we made our way to Penida. With the way the islands are set, it’s impossible to dock onshore upon arrival so a few smaller boats came to bring us to shore.

We immediately breathed in our surroundings.  If there was a photo underneath the definition of BLISS – this would be it.  Not one high rise or massive hotel blocking our view, just palm tree after palm tree after palm tree.  The greens and the blues of the water were indescribable.  We couldn’t wait to get in it so we ran in for a quick dip while the guides started organizing our island tour. The island tour lasts a couple hours and it brought us around via trucks and small boats.  We cruised along the shoreline with a few stops to explore our surroundings. With everything looking so untouched by touristic footprint, we really felt lucky to have been able to share in this experience as if we were the first ones to ever do so.

After the tour was done, we set our course back to the restaurant to have a delicious local lunch.  There was plenty for seconds and the desserts were a perfect finish.  After digesting all of that goodness, we changed into our swimsuits and made our way to the pontoon that was just a short distance away from shore. We were greeted by a few smiling faces wearing red, probably thinking to themselves how much fun they were going to have with us – since one person in our group made it clear she wasn’t a fan of Watersports ha-ha!

With the “Nusa Penida Island Tour and Water Adventure”, the following activities are included.  Might seem like a lot to fit in during such a short time but when we finished we were able to fit in a few more because it was that fun! Snorkelling, the Banana Boat, the Donut Tube, the Flying Fish (which was our FAVORITE), a Sea Walker session and a Jet Ski session are all included in this package.  All the operators made it clear that safety was their main priority, so we had someone with us at all times!

By the end of all this, our faces were hurting from laughing so much.  Sadly though, it had to end so we were escorted back to shore and greeted to an array of fried banana desserts, tea and coffee….which we obviously needed from all the calories we burned from laughing. We loaded back onto the smaller boats that drove us over to the fast boat.  In minutes, we were heading back to Bali. As we looked out our windows, we couldn’t believe we were leaving.  None of us were ready to go, but each one of us expressed our gratefulness to the fact that in just ONE DAY, we were able to experience so much that this gorgeous island had to offer.

BOOK WITH US TODAY so that you can see what we couldn’t stop talking about for days after. We would be happy to have you and your friends and please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that may come up!



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