Selamat Tahun Baru!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

What a year it has been for Watersports Bali!

We met people from all over the world this year! From the US to Ireland to India to South Africa, we met them all! Thanks so much for being such amazing customers! We hope that we were able to make a mark on your 2016 memories somehow! Don’t forget to tell all your friends about the fun you had with us! We are not going anywhere so send them our way and we will take good care of them, we promise!
As Watersports Bali heads into 2017, we could not be more excited! Heading into the New Year we have added on MORE OPERATORS, MORE VENUES, MORE LOCATIONS, MORE WATERSPORTS, MORE LAND LOVING ACTIVITES, MORE TOURS and MORE DISCOUNTS!

We thank you for all your feedback as it has assisted us in our improvements and our additions. We want to offer you the best experience possible, from start to end. We are the only Watersports Company in Bali that can make YOU this promise, as we are 100% with you from before you book until after you go home.
We are flexible and attentive. Honest and motivated by your expectations. Your happiness and safety are our top priorities. Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs, as we go into detail with some of the new additions for 2017. Even if you don’t see what you need, shoot us an email, Facebook message or Whatsapp and we would be happy to assist you!

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