Watersports-Bali now also available in North Bali

We are very excited to announce that we now also offer watersport activities in Northern Bali!

Southern Bali, has always been well known for its watersport activities. Nusa Dua, which is located in Southern Bali as well, is known for its beautiful white beaches with crystal clear blue water. Moreover, the beach is very clean and less touristic than other beaches in Southern Bali. In the area of Nusa Dua, many luxury hotels have been built recently and therefore the interest in this part of Southern Bali is growing as well.

Northern Bali however, is even less touristic than Nusa Dua. Northern Bali is known for its rice fields, hot springs and many other traditional cultural places and nature. Lovina, where our newest water activities are located, is known for its black beaches due to its volcano sand. Apart from that, there are many tropical fishes that can be found in this area. Also, it is known for its coral reefs close to the sea. Last but not least, North Bali is the perfect place on Bali to spot dolphins.

So what is new?

From the great activities that we already offer in Nusa Dua Southern Bali, we now also offer a diversity in newer activities in Northern Bali. Such as a tour to spot the dolphins in Lovina. This can be done by taking the traditional fisher boats or the glass bottom boat. These two kinds of boats are also an addition to our product portfolio. Apart from the traditional Balinese fisher boat and the glass bottom boat, we also offer the speed boat.

Furthermore, we also now offer the water sport activities Kneeboard and Canoe in Northern Bali. The other newest additions available for bookings in Northern Bali are the Butterfly Dolphin, Jet Plane, Crazy Sofa, Superman Bowl and Funtastic 4. These activities are all on an inflatable boat and are known as the newest water sport games. It is important to hold on tight, as you might fall off. Enjoy this ride with your friends or family!

Apart from the watersports in Northern Bali, we also offer a ride on a mini ATV, where you can show your outdoor skills and enjoy a ride through the jungle!

Would you love to visit Northern or Southern Bali, or even experience a bit of both worlds? Then book your activities with us!

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