Lovina beach

Bali: an island full of surprises. Lovina beach is one of those very beautiful hidden surprises.

This beach is located in the north of Bali. Contrary to the beaches and places in the south of Bali, this part is not very well known yet. Though, today more hotels and restaurants are being build around the area of Lovina beach.

But why is the beach called Lovina?

The exact meaning of the name is not known, however, some people think the word Lovina could derive from the abbreviations ‘Lov’ and ‘Ina’ as in Love Indonesia.

Lovina is different from the beaches in the south, as this beach is black because of its volcano sand. A unique place and a perfect spot for those who love to be in a peaceful surrounding, escape from the crowd and enjoy the nature. Moreover, Lovina beach is known for its dolphins. Every morning hundreds of dolphins can be spotted close to the coast, by taking a boat trip in one of the traditional Balinese fishing boats.

In the area of Lovina beach, there are many things to do as well. One of these things could be enjoying an outdoor tour through the jungle. Another example would be to experience a bath in the hot spring, which is located on the west side of Lovina. Furthermore, it is also possible to see the historic rice fields which are situated often close to the villages in the mountains. A great opportunity to explore more of Bali its culture, history and nature!

Lovina beach, in all its unique characteristics, is a great district of Bali which should be visited if you have the time. This place is also great for families, as it is safe to snorkel and swim in this area. Last but not least, the beaches are protected by coral reef, which is stunning to see while snorkelling!

Surprise yourself with this beautiful location.

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