White Water Rafting – Ubud – Bali

We always try every activity and check on our partners to make sure their services are up to our expectations as we want to offer you only the best!!!
Poor us 😉 we had to get up at 7am to drive up to Ubud to check out what you would experience going on a trip to Ubud (White Water Rafting Canyon Tubing, Cycling).

Driving up there is already an experience. As we are leaving the beaches and the busy roads of Sanur behind and it slowly gets greener and greener. A lot of people call it the Real Bali. We get to the main location, the restaurant with beautiful views in the Ayung River Valley. The friendly staff is very welcoming. We can get changed and get ready for the adventure. The guide passes us the helmets and the paddle. Security is also our partner’s highest priority.

From there we get back in a car that takes us to the starting point of the Rafting. At the starting point we get introduced to our guide. He is on the boat with us and he hands us the life vests. A real professional, who’s been working as a river guide for years. He knows what to do in every situation. While we walking down the stairs to the river, he’s talking to us about Bali and cracking plenty of jokes. For sure you won’t get bored haha.

Let’s Go!!!

Down at the River the guides are checking the boats and the rest of the equipment before we can get in the boat. It is four of us in one boat. Before we can finally start our guide gives us all the instructions for the tour. He is making sure everyone understands. Now we are finally ready to go 🙂

The tour is a mix of speed, adrenaline (there are about 5 drops), fun and looking at the stunning scenery and the breath-taking stone carvings along the riverbed. Our guide gives us instructions along the way, historical insight and telling more jokes. About 45 min in we stop at a waterfall to take photos and refresh ourselves in the ‘cold’ water. About half way we’re having a break to get drinks and snacks. Our guide prepaid for us and we can settle the bill with him back at the restaurant.

After few more drops and taking in more of the beautiful landscape of the river valley we get to the end of the tour. We are getting out of the boat and leaving the life vests and helmets down at the river. We are especially happy about this as we start walking up the 400 steps to the top and back to the restaurant. A bit tired but happy we get changed in dry clothes after a shower and we are excited for the lunch buffet We can choose Cap Cay (Indonesian vegetables), Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Chicken, Fruit, Soup and Salad. Full and satisfied we checked our photos that two photographers took along the way and we finally get in the car that takes us back home.

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