What are the differences between single parasailing and parasailing adventure

Parasailing is an activity that combines parachuting with the help of a parachute and speedboat, we can hover over the sea off to see the beautiful scenery. Then what is the difference from single parasailing with parasailing adventure in Tanjung Benoa Bali? There are many differences between single parasailing and parasailing adventure:

Parasailing / Single Parasailing

  1. Number of participants who flew on single parasailing, 1 person
  2. Participants flew from the beach and landed on the sand along the beach.
  3. Parasailing parachute / parachute size is smaller than the parasailing adventure umbrella.
  4. Boat speed boat used to attract parasailing single parasel is smaller.
  5. Fly 2 adults at a time not allowed.
  6. There is a weight limit of participants, which is 85 kilograms.

Parasailing Adventure

  1. Number of participants who flew on tandem parasiling, 2 persons.
  2. Participants flew over the speed boat and landed also on the speed boat.
  3. The parasailing tandem umbrella is bigger than the single parasailing umbrella.
  4. The speed boat used to attract parasailing tandem umbrellas is much larger in size than the single parasailing.
  5. There is no weight limit for participants.

However, single parasiling activities often can not be done, because the weather is not supportive. Weather conditions that can cancel a single parasailing activity such as:

  1. Wind direction that does not lead to the beach. So it’s impossible to land on the beach sand.
  2. The wind power is uncertain.
  3. Sea water receded on the edge of Tanjung Benoa beach, making a speed boat that attracts umbrellas can not move quickly.

All three weather factors will cancel the single parasailing activity, even if you have reserved first. The watersport operator Tanjung Benoa, will not be willing to impose single parasailing activity, if the above weather factor occurs. The goal is for the safety of single parasailing participants. But readers do not worry, if you’ve booked a single parasailing with us, it was canceled due to weather factors. Then the money for single parasailing payments will be refunded. Because of frequent cancellation of single parasailing due to weather factor, then provided alternative tandem parasailing activity that is not affected by weather factor. Like the wind direction, the sea water receded.

Would you like to try it? Book now, and feel the sensation with us.

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