Animal cruelty on Turtle Island doesn’t offer any trips to Turtle Island as this attraction benefits at the expense of animals.

Turtle Island is a small island which is considered as turtle reserve. You expect seeing turtles in a protected area, which is definitely not the case.

Turtles live in dilapidated tanks on a private, dirty, muddy beach. The natural habit of both turtles and other animals which are shown is inferior.

Various reptiles such as snakes and iguanas live in extremely small cages. Bats and tropical birds are locked up in inappropriate cages.

The turtles are dragged out of the water and are photographed by/together with tourists. Other animals, like snakes and bats are held by thousands of tourists in order to be photographed.

Each day these animals are exposed to this unnatural behaviour. We even suspect these animals are doped. Teeth of bats are pulled, beaks of snakes are closed and taped. These animals structurally suffer from stress and fear.

Furthermore, an ape is locked up on his one, without other apes, although apes are used to live in a group. This ape can never return to nature again. He doesn’t have anything to play with or any other distraction to get through the day.

People are told these animals will return to nature after their recovery. Yet, as long as these animals are considered a tourist attraction, this won’t be the case. We hope tourists realize this and won’t contribute to this animal cruelty!

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