Coolest Flyboard Trick

Now days, extreme water sports flyboard is a trend and is popular. why not, by playing flyboarding, you can float up to 4 meters above the surface of the water. A sport that is very exciting for those who love adrenaline.

This extreme sport utilizes hydropower to push the flyboarding players into the air and you can then maneuver in the air at will. Although it seems difficult, this water sport is not as difficult as imagined. The key is to maintain your balance while on a flyboarding board.

If you are a layman in terms of flyboarding, there is no need to be afraid to try it. There will be an instructor who provides direction and teaches you how to use flyboarding. The first 5 minutes, you will be taught to control flyboarding, and after you can control it, you will feel the thrill of flying like Iron Man.

The first thing you must master is to learn to stand on the flyboard. To do this, you must stand upright in the water with your feet down. Mark the instructor and he will increase the power of the jet then push you out of the water. You need to maintain balance by tilting the board forward and back continuously to keep it from falling.

After you can maintain balance and float in the air, you can then try various other styles. Like Front Dive, The Dolphin, Back Dive, and Back Flip. Front Dive is a maneuver by diving into the water then turning 180 degrees so you can dart out of the water. To do this, make sure your hands are above your head like a diving position so the head is not hit by water.

As the name suggests, The Dolphin lets you dive and get out of the water several times like a dolphin. Back Dive is almost the same as Front Dive, but hands are on top and try jumping in reverse/backward. It looks like it’s a little difficult, but this trick is actually quite easy.

Then there is the Back Flip trick which is a little more difficult. You need enough height to try this trick because you flip back in the air and don’t land on the water. You also need to maintain balance when landing after the backflip is not dropped into the water.

Let’s Book now and feel the sensation !

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