Understand These 5 Languages When Diving

Some rules will be submitted guides before diving. One of them is sign language while in the water. Thumbs up, thumbs down, palms rocking. It’s not a guessing style game. In the water, that’s the best way to communicate with divers. Let’s learn the meaning!

1. Thumbs face up

In the water, a sign like this means going up. When you want to go up because there is a problem or feel too deep in the dive, this sign will take you closer to the surface.

2. Thumb and forefinger form the letter ‘O’

For ‘OK’ signals are used index and thumb that form the letter ‘O’. This gesture is usually used to describe a controlled state. Guides usually often give this signal to ask if you’re okay or not.

3. Thumbs down

Thumbs down sign means to dive deeper. Usually, when a new dive, the guide likes to use this sign to invite to swim down.

4. Wiggle your palms

When there is a problem, this gesture is used. A sudden stream of currents or jammed dive equipment can be discussed with a group mate or guide by displaying this gesture.

When the hands are swayed like exemplifying the boat is shaky, meaning there is a problem. Usually, the next gesture is thumbs up.

5. Hand movements cut in the neck

The hand that draws a horizontal line like a cut in the neck, has the meaning of running out of oxygen. It indicates you can no longer breathe and must immediately rise to the surface.

This movement is best avoided by the diver because anyone who issued the gesture is in danger.

If you find a friend pulling out the cue, immediately push it up because it’s unlikely that he can not fill the oxygen in the jacket that can help the body go up.

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