New team photos for Watersports-bali

2 December 2015 | Comments Off on New team photos for Watersports-bali
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Hello, this is us! Annelies and Marga went to Bali last month so we could take photo’s of the entire Watersports-Bali team! Normally they work behind the de desk so it was a nice opportunity to be on the beach! We have six beach boys who are very good at entertaining the guests. Each of…

New in Bali – XO Extreme

27 May 2014 | Comments Off on New in Bali – XO Extreme
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New in Bali! We are the first company offering XO Xtreme Tube in Bali for tourists. The XO Xtreme is an oval tube designed to experience great fun on the water. Thanks to its special design, the tube has only few contact with the water, allowing the speedboat to race at high speed. Thanks to… &

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Posted in is part of If you already go flyboarding, why not add another activity? has a very comprehensive booking system, so it’s very easy to book your rides!

First flyboard in Bali

5 March 2013 | Comments Off on First flyboard in Bali
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We brought the very first flyboard to Bali. It all started with the flyboard. After bringing the first flyboard to Bali we have experienced that many tourists like this new watersports activity. So soon the second flyboard was introduced. Now we have 2 different flyboards on 2 different locations at Nusa Dua. With the best Jet…