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Standing against the exploitation of animals

24 October 2016 |
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When it comes to offering and selling tickets to attractions that involve animals, is there a difference between educating people on animals in captivity versus exploiting animals? At Watersports Bali- we say NO. From the beginning, we have chosen not to offer our guests any activities that assist in exploiting animals.  It was a huge…

Lovina beach

18 April 2016 |
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Bali: an island full of surprises. Lovina beach is one of those very beautiful hidden surprises. This beach is located in the north of Bali. Contrary to the beaches and places in the south of Bali, this part is not very well known yet. Though, today more hotels and restaurants are being build around the area…

Nusa Dua beach

16 February 2016 |
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Nusa Dua, the greatest beach of Bali! Bali, an island with beautiful landscapes, stunning white beaches, friendly people, cultural diversity and a tropical climate. Bali is a dream destination for many people and a great place for all ages. With its abundance in activities, everyone can enjoy a part of paradise. Nusa Dua Beach When… &

14 March 2013 |
Posted in is part of If you already go flyboarding, why not add another activity? has a very comprehensive booking system, so it’s very easy to book your rides!