Bye Bye Plastic Bags

13 August 2017 |
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What is water pollution? If you check Wikipedia it says: ” Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies. this form of enviromental degradatio occurs when polltants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies wihtout adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.” Indonesia Especially in Indonesia you can see the huge impact water pollution has…

Watersports goes Sexy

19 June 2017 |
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      We teamed up with Niconico Swimwear this week to arrange a shoot with their sexy models and ambassadors. The girls showed off their sexy physics playing our Watersports in Niconico Swimwear in Tanjung Benoa – Nusa Dua – Bali. Heidi, Jackie and Lenita were posing at the beach in their Bikinis before trying…

White Water Rafting – Ubud – Bali

8 May 2017 |
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We always try every activity and check on our partners to make sure their services are up to our expectations as we want to offer you only the best!!! Poor us 😉 we had to get up at 7am to drive up to Ubud to check out what you would experience going on a trip…

Bali’s Beach Clubs

31 March 2017 |
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There’s more to Bali than Bintangs, Parties and Surf 😉 We think you haven’t been to Bali without trying Watersports and enjoying one of the many Beach clubs Bali has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite Beach Clubs in Bali to show you what we do when we’re not playing in the…

Bali's Culture and Traditions – Public Holidays in Bali

25 March 2017 |
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For everyone that has been to Bali before, you probably noticed little offerings on the side of the road in front of every little shop. When you wake up early you can see, especially the women dressed in their sarongs walking around with a small bottle containing water, little leaf shells filled with flowers and…

Quad or Buggy and Canyon Tubing

6 February 2017 |
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A Perfect Day away from the hustle and bustle… We chose the early bird tour. In Bali, every minute counts here – especially if you are on a holiday. Time seems to move at a pace that is untouchable here, so the earlier the start the better to fully take in what the day has…

Selamat Tahun Baru!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

31 December 2016 |
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What a year it has been for Watersports Bali! We met people from all over the world this year! From the US to Ireland to India to South Africa, we met them all! Thanks so much for being such amazing customers! We hope that we were able to make a mark on your 2016 memories…

Standing against the exploitation of animals

24 October 2016 |
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When it comes to offering and selling tickets to attractions that involve animals, is there a difference between educating people on animals in captivity versus exploiting animals? At Watersports Bali- we say NO. From the beginning, we have chosen not to offer our guests any activities that assist in exploiting animals.  It was a huge…


5 October 2016 |
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Chaos. Beautiful Chaos. That’s how we describe Bali.  With the influx of tourism happening these past few years, calling us a fast developing country is an understatement.  New shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels are opening up on a daily basis that it’s hard to keep track of the next big thing. With that being said…