Nusa Penida Island Tour and Water Adventure

16 September 2016 | Comments Off on Nusa Penida Island Tour and Water Adventure
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Bali.  It’s easy to forget that this gorgeous island is not just a country on its own.  It lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean surrounded by even more glorious pieces of land that deem exploration. Join us on our mini adventure as we island hop over to Bali’s alter ego – Nusa Penida.…

Parasailing in Bali

31 May 2016 | Comments Off on Parasailing in Bali
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Discover beautiful Bali from a birds’ eye view by parasailing. Parasailing is one of the very well known and popular water sports in Bali. With parasailing you are attached to a parachute. This parachute is adjusted to your weight in order to keep a good balance in the air. With a line of about 80…

Diving in Bali

10 May 2016 | Comments Off on Diving in Bali
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Diving, the well known sport all over the world, enables you to discover a whole new world under the water. A sport that is all about discovering nature in its purest form. Diving in Bali is one of the greatest diving destinations but why? Besides its beautiful island and nature, there is another reason why…

Lovina beach

18 April 2016 | Comments Off on Lovina beach
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Bali: an island full of surprises. Lovina beach is one of those very beautiful hidden surprises. This beach is located in the north of Bali. Contrary to the beaches and places in the south of Bali, this part is not very well known yet. Though, today more hotels and restaurants are being build around the area…

Watersports-Bali now also available in North Bali

8 April 2016 | Comments Off on Watersports-Bali now also available in North Bali
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We are very excited to announce that we now also offer watersport activities in Northern Bali! Southern Bali, has always been well known for its watersport activities. Nusa Dua, which is located in Southern Bali as well, is known for its beautiful white beaches with crystal clear blue water. Moreover, the beach is very clean…

New Jet Ski!

11 March 2016 | Comments Off on New Jet Ski!
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In order to let you and many of our other clients experience an amazing time booking your water sport activities with us, we always aim for providing the best service and quality products. For that reason, we are very delighted to announce that we have added a new jet ski to our collection. This jet…

Nusa Dua beach

16 February 2016 | Comments Off on Nusa Dua beach
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Nusa Dua, the greatest beach of Bali! Bali, an island with beautiful landscapes, stunning white beaches, friendly people, cultural diversity and a tropical climate. Bali is a dream destination for many people and a great place for all ages. With its abundance in activities, everyone can enjoy a part of paradise. Nusa Dua Beach When…

Animal cruelty on Turtle Island

13 January 2016 | Comments Off on Animal cruelty on Turtle Island
Posted in , doesn’t offer any trips to Turtle Island as this attraction benefits at the expense of animals. Turtle Island is a small island which is considered as turtle reserve. You expect seeing turtles in a protected area, which is definitely not the case. Turtles live in dilapidated tanks on a private, dirty, muddy beach. The…

Advertisement on Watersports-bali car

4 December 2015 | Comments Off on Advertisement on Watersports-bali car
Posted in offers free transport service to their guests. Of course our guests need to be picked up in stlye! Therefore we have transformed the car into a watersports car. When you book one or more watersports acitivities we pick you up from your hotel or other staying place. After you have had a lot of…